Eggo the Gladiegger


He's Fried! Not Hardboiled!

Can Eggo the tiny egg reign supreme in the Breakfast Arena against fearsome food foes like Honey PUNCH-es of Oats and HASS the fearsome avocado bear?

Will he win or will he be scrambled?


Meet Eggo!

A tiny yet fearless Egg, Eggo is an underdog in the breakfast arena- but that isn't stopping him from giving it his all!

Meet the Food Foes!

Fearsome breakfast foods gather from all over the pantry to participate in this annual smack down!

From veteran fighters to newbies, you never know who you'll face!

Explore the World of Eggo!

Eggo's world is a surreal fusion of food and kitchen utensils- set in an alternate reality where food is alive!


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